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for the professional grower


Universally applicable

The Cannabench Systems are universally applicable with maximum space utilization. High quality materials and first-class workmanship guarantee a long life span even with heavy loads.

The Cannabench System can be used in every type of greenhouse, indoor facility, basement or labratories.

Generally you will gain more production area and optimize the working space between the benches and its ergonomy:
  • Rolling benches with solid metal substructure – height adjustable, mounted on concrete or paved walking paths
  • Fixed benches with galvanized steel supports – height adjustable
  • Different supports – made of steel – in various heights available
  • Option – poles and trellis-systems for support of nets
  • Option – irrigation valves in different sizes
For our benches we have different bottoms available:
  • High-quality ebb- and flow trays, guarantees optimal irrigation and a dry surface after watering, usable for all kinds of crops.
  • Galvanized steel mesh or aluminum in different shapes and sizes.
  • Styrofoam plates, with PE-Foil, Fleece and MyPex on top.
  • Growing gutters for special crops.

Our benches can be fitted to different irrigation-system, depending on your needs or wishes you can add 1-way or 2-way valves in your benches. The watering groups can be controlled centrally or individually.

As a rolling bench or a fixed type – The Cannabench System have played a big part in production of different kinds of crops and plants for many years.

Established in 1928 – Made in Germany
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